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We at ACM Business Solutions believe the key to safeguarding information assets is the creation, implementation, and evolution of a comprehensive information security program. We recognize that every client is unique, with different business goals and objectives, different tolerances for risk, and at different stages in their information security program.

Many security consulting firms offer "canned" solutions, and will try to fit your needs to their "canned" offerings. Security Pathways customizes every engagement in order to fit our solution to your requirements.

Some tasks are very specific and tactical. Others are strategic enterprise-wide initiatives. All of our engagements are delivered within the framework of our methodology for building a comprehensive information security program. All of our work is guided by five principles ensuring optimal results that are useful to you.
Business Driven
ACM's affiliate ACM Health Technologies,is full service healthcare consulting company providing strategic consulting, healthcare software, healthcare technology solutions, business process outsourcing and regulatory compliance.
Our methodology is based on industry standards such as ISF'S Standards of Good Practice, ISO 27001: Information Security Management, and ISACF'S COBIT. Additionally, we are constantly evaluating new practices and standards as they emerge for inclusion into our information security framework and supporting methodology.
ACM has developed a methodical approach that enables our consultants to quickly focus on the issues at hand. Each engagement is conducted using a repeatable process that is supported by clear and concise documentation.
Best Of Breed
From security policies to training recommendations to specific technologies, ACM always recommends best of breed solutions. Our approach is agnostic, and we recommend, specify, or include the optimum solution for your specific situation.
ACM operates within a culture of continual improvement. We are always searching for ways to improve our information security framework and supporting methodology, ensuring that our approach to your engagement is aligned with current industry best practices and emerging standards.
Information Security Overview
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