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The ProcessOne Incident Management Tool is an invaluable asset that facilitates your CSIRT Program with advanced capabilities and enforces adherence to processes and policies laid out by your CSIRT Program.
  • Deliver a business solution rather than a software tool.
  • Establish a CSIRT Program
  • Derive CSIRT process guide and playbooks
  • Customize tool for enterprise
Guiding Principles:
  • Playbook automation
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Highly secure
  • Extendable workflow paradigm
  • Customizable to suit enterprise processes
The Knowledge Advantage:
ProcessOne is the brain-child of ‘Security Industry Experts’ with decades of experience in the enterprise security incident management domain. Their knowledge has gone into defining best practices and suggesting resolution workflows, also known as Playbooks, for most frequently occurring security incident types. Playbooks are a culmination of CSIRT processes, enterprise departments, employees and incident response team members. Imagine all this knowledge embedded in a tool!
Salient Features:
  • User role based application dashboards
  • Highly configurable yet enforces CSIRT Program policies and processes
  • Configurable incident types, impact parameters, playbooks, teams and roles
  • Bundled with a default set of incident categories and associated playbooks
  • Extendable playbook activities
  • Enterprise security and collaboration integration
  • Graphical incident progress viewer
Technical Architecture:
  • MOSS* based application
  • Web based client access
  • MOSS workflow paradigm
  • OCS collaboration integration
  • Integrated MOSS security
  • Audit and reporting features of MOSS
  • Flexible process and data architecture
    MOSS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
    EIMT: Enterprise Incident Management Tool
For more information including pricing and availability, please contact:
Peter A. Tomasello
Tampa, FL
Tony Poplin
Charlotte, NC
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