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Our vision of protection and excellence is supported by a methodical, standards-based approach to engineering information security solutions. Our consultants employ current industry best practices and will implement best-of-breed products to create robust information security solutions. We will architect, develop, test, and deploy an integrated information security architecture in a methodical manner to meet identified information security requirements.
Our consultants will develop a detailed information security architecture to meet defined requirements. The solution will be defined through layers of abstraction, and will include the following deliverables: functional specification, high-level design, application architecture, and system architecture.
Infrastructure Development
We work with our clients to develop information security solutions from detailed specifications using a repeatable and methodical approach. Security Pathways’s consultants will evaluate and select the appropriate components, integrate the solution into the infrastructure, create the required supporting processes, and finally implement the solution into a development or staging environment for testing.
Security Pathways’s consultants provide information security testing capabilities to ensure that solutions have been designed and developed in a secure manner. Security Pathways will develop a detailed test plan before performing a series of test cases to validate security functional, system usability, and system performance.
Solution Deployment
Before deploying a solution into an operational environment, Security Pathways’s consultants will develop a detailed deployment plan to ensure that operational interruptions are kept to a minimum. Once the solution has been deployed into the operating environment, Security Pathways’s consultants will ensure that the necessary supporting procedures are in place, and that the system meets client’s expectations.
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