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The ACM logo expresses our goal of bringing a fair balance of trade and services to benefit the growing global economy. ACM and it's partners enable two way trade to capitalize on the strengths of each country. This is not just a concept, it is our mission to open other marketplaces to sell US goods and services throughout the world.
At ACM Business Solutions we believe in the principle: innovation through people, process and technology. The core strength of ACM is to provide high quality cost effective information technology solutions. We believe in leveraging the power of technology to better business solutions, bridge the gap between disparate systems, between disparate technologies. Our strategic approach to research and analysis on industry focused, emerging technologies helps us build competencies, components, frameworks, & solutions and develop best practices and higher standards around them.
Over one hundred years ago, there was a linesman whose job was to wave a lantern whenever the drawbridge was open, so the train would stop. After ten years of dedicated service, one day during his watch, a train fell into the river. He was arrested and tried for negligence of duty.

During the trial, several character witnesses testified that he was a sincere, dedicated and honest worker. Finally, his attorney put the linesman on the stand. His attorney asked him the key question “Did you or did you not wave the lantern?” The linesman fidgeted around, broke out into a sweat and after an extremely long pause, stammered out “Yes I did”. The jury acquitted him.

After the last person left the courtroom, the lawyer angrily grabbed the linesman, threw him against the wall, and yelled at him “What took you so long to answer the simple question? We could have lost the case”. The linesman looked at the attorney, replied sadly “Sir, you asked me the wrong question – you asked me if I waved the lantern, but not if the lantern was lit.

At ACM Business Solutions, we believe that “We must do our jobs with passion"

We at ACM Business Solutions make sure that the lantern is always lit.

N.C. Murthy, CEO

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