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The Information Security Strategy component of the Program requires that we work with our clients to understand the fundamental characteristics of their unique business environment so that a management framework for information security measures and activities can be developed.
Analyze the Operating Environment
Conduct analysis to understand the organization’s variables within the political, industry, global, and organizational environments.
Create and Disseminate Policy
Create a comprehensive set of policies required to align information security controls and activities with business goals and objectives.
Define IS Requirements
Derive a set of information security requirements from policy and business goals and objectives to define a Target Security Environment for the organization. Define human resource requirements including roles and responsibilities. Define financial and budget requirements.
Develop Information Security Plan
A roadmap of action that utilizes defined resources to achieve the identified Target Security Environment. Develop a Risk Management Plan that defines processes for accepting, mitigating, or transferring risk.
Communicate with Constituents
Participate and exchange information with other business units within the enterprise. Develop a plan for communicating with executive management and all constituents. Define a plan for educating all constituents within the enterprise.
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